Overly Ambitious?

So at the beginning of the month, I was watching this BuzzFeed video and it gave me the motivation and push to get up off of my ass. In case you don’t feel like watching the video here’s a quick overview: Michelle Khare takes on a challenge with BuzzFeed where she trains for a marathon in 10 weeks. Yes, I said TEN WEEKS. For those who don’t know a marathon is 26.2 miles. TWENTY-SIX point TWO miles in TEN weeks.

There were a couple times where Michelle had these breakdowns forcing her to evaluate why she was doing this crazy task. It was in these moments that I was touched by that emotion. Track was something that I did in high school, but by no means was even close to being the best, but somewhere along the line I got lazy. Workouts were less frequent and the pounds started to add on. I use to be slender with a fast metabolism. Now that metabolism has slowed down. Running is usually the only workout that I can halfway stick to and when I find a good rhythm I can find it soothing (at times). Tired of having a daily fight with my self confidence, depression, and anxiety, I told my husband I was going to run a half marathon! Looking at the dates I had six months to train. I figured I can get to running 13.1 miles in 6 months. Michelle did double that in less than half of the time that I have. What could go wrong.

Well I’m committed to this run now because I am already registered so that means I can’t run away from this task unless I want to throw money down the drain. There are times where I wonder if I was too ambitious and am getting in way to deep. Then there are times where I think ‘Girl, you got this’. It is an almost constant battle, but I am accepting the little wins. For now I am just motivated to get some type of workout in almost daily, and that right now is more than enough. I have a little over five months and am able to run the majority of 3 miles. I will be fine and will achieve this goal.

It may be hard. It may suck. I may cry. I may bleed. None of that matters because I WILL cross that finish line.