Well then…

… Well what do I say? It’s been eight months since I posted on this blog. Well let’s be honest, it’s been eight months since I have even looked at this blog. I don’t even know what happened. Let’s just say life happened.

Besides life I guess you can say that this blog itself was daunting. I created to be an outlet to cope, but didn’t realize how much that would take. To me it sounded like my life revolved around diabetes and diabetes was what I am. In reality that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Diabetes is one component of who I am and it doesn’t define me. With that being said, this blog won’t be strictly about my diabetes and pre-pregnancy journey but more so my life journey with diabetes. So look forward to getting to know more about Cee!

Now that I’m back let’s have a quick life update.

  • A1c is an 8.5! (I’ll take any progress)
  • I am headed back to school for sonography this Fall
  • I’m training to run a half marathon this November

I guess those would be the biggest things going on in life right now. Going forward I plan on, and will commit to, posting once a week.

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