New Beginnings?

Well, today is the FIRST day of me documenting the rest of my life. LOL that sounds almost comedic! What I really mean is today I am starting to use this blog as a means of documentation and to be a resource to others as it pertains to having better care and management of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

If you haven’t read my about me yet, long story short is I am now starting to take control of this chronic illness and also attempting to conceive my first child (not just yet though). So this is my way of holding myself accountable, finding others in my situation, making friends, and hopefully being a help to others. It seems to be difficult to find other T1D who blog or vlog their experiences, especially when it comes to pregnancy.


Well I hope you all are ready for this rollercoaster that type one diabetes has for me. Like i said I more so want to create a bond with other diabetics so feel free to talk/comment/e-mail. I would love to meet more ‘betes buddies.

So cheers to Being Betic!


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